We're here to help

Here at RedHyena we have put together a list of our most popular fursuit options. This does not by any means, come even close to the range of possibilities we offer. Virtually anything can be made in a custom shape, color or texture. If you don't see what you are looking for just ask and we'll work something out for you.

We recommend you try our designer first, this provides us a starting point with your design idea. We will contact you to get the full story and answer any questions you may have.

How it Works


Contact & design communication

The first step is communication about your ideas which can include art that you already have depicting what you want your costume to look like. If you don't have any art or require help decidding on specific features we'll work with you until we arrive at a design that meets your expectations. We also offer professional character design services for an additional fee if you need a completely new design created for you or your organization.


Approvals & Adding to our build queue

Once we approve the design and you have had time to review the details we will bid a price for the project with a breakdown all the costs involved. You have the option to make further changes or proceed to the production phase. As part of the breakdown a project deposit will be specified which must be paid in full for the costume to be added to our production queue.


Costume construction begins

This is the full production phase where we do all the work that goes into the creation of your new costume. You can check on your project any time online here at RedHyena.net. Once you have contacted us links and numbers are provided for this. We also provide periodic automatic updates.


Finished! Packed & shipped

Once your costume is finished we will notify you and make any necessary shipping arrangements. We also offer delivery and pick up services to those in our area upon request. If your costume is to be shipped we will wrap it with a protective plastic cover to protect the costume during shipping and package it in heavy duty boxes to ensure maximum protection. If you have purchased a specialty costume carrier from us to go with the costume it will ship in that inside the box.

RedHyena's Full Terms & Conditions

These rules act as a general guideline to protect both the builder and the customer.
They provide a good starting point but may not cover special situations if you have any questions please contact us for help.

Commission Instructions, Policies And Terms

Please read and understand before creating a commission request.

Ordering Online At RedHyena.net

Create an account here on redhyena.net and fill out or online commission form. We will then be able to give you an accurate quote. Your quote only lasts about a month. Due to factors such as fluctuating cost of supplies, a quote of a specific character may change over time. Quotes will not be changed once a price and completion date is set.

Our general commission guidelines:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to request a commission from RedHyena Art yourself.
  2. RedHyena Art will not make copyrighted characters (ie: Disney, Dreamworks, video game etc.) unless you can provide proof that you are the copyright holder or an authorized representative and can provide a written letter from the copyright holder giving you permission to make such a commission.
  3. RedHyena Art can duplicate characters, but only if the need for multiple copies is pre-arranged. RedHyena cannot create a replica of another pre-existing costume due to potential copyright infringement.
  4. RedHyena Art will only accept appropriate reference material (Please keep mature art to yourself).
  5. Neither you or RedHyena Art will be able to change the commission once work has started. Once we have agreed on the final concept art, that is what will be made.

Payment Process:

RedHyena Art requires a 30% non refundable down payment to hold your commission. This payment is required to purchase supplies and start working on concept art if needed.

Remaining payments need to be completely paid off before costume delivery. If your completion time is for February 1st, the final payment needs to be made no later than January 1st. Keep in mind the sooner it's paid off, the sooner we can ship it. Occasionally we are able to complete commissions early if they are paid off early, subject to availability. Failure to complete payments on time will result in your commission being pushed back.

Payment Methods:

  1. Cashier's Checks: The safest form of payment. These can be obtained through your bank, then mailed to us. This is the most secure way and some banks accounts will allow you to use these for free.
  2. Money Orders: These can be purchased at local banks, grocery stores and/or gas stations, then mailed to us. This can be a good alternative if you do not have a bank account or they charge a fee and may limit the amount.
  3. Paypal: We can accept Paypal but keep in mind you will need to add 5% Paypal service fee.
  4. Cash: We cannot accept cash via the internet. Always be careful when sending cash to anyone. It is not recommended to send cash in the mail, If you choose to do this you agree to accept the risk of loss. Because of this we usually only deal with cash for those tho visit us at a convention or live nearby where we can meet in person.
We do not accept personal checks without prior agreement.

Measurements and Dummies

For all full suits, we require a duct tape dummy to be made and shipped to us.

Duct tape dummies are a crucial part of your commission. The better the dummy you make, the better idea of your body type we will have and the better we can fit the costume to you. Unusable dummies will be sent returned to be remade.

One Year Warranty

How many other builders give you that?

RedHyena's high standards on materials means all fursuits and mascots are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.

Any disassembly, alterations by anyone other than RedHyena or signs of abuse to the costume or any of its parts will void your warranty. These are highly detailed handmade products but they will not last forever if abused.